03 Juli 2010

Paris Hilton Arrested In South Africa For Marijuana Possession

Paris Hilton and her friend Jennifer Rovero were arrested at the Nelson Mandela Stadium in South Africa shortly after the Brazil-Netherlands game.

ABC News reports charges against Paris Hilton were dropped shortly after 12:20 am (local time). Rovero was charged with possession of marijuana and was given the option to pay 1000 rand ($152) or spend 30 days in jail so Rovera paid the fine.

In a statement to CNN, Hilton’s publicist said, "was a complete misunderstanding, and it was actually another person in the group who did it.”

Paris, heiress of the Hilton Hotel chain fortune, shot to fame after a sex tape, One Night in Paris, of her and her then boyfriend was released.

Hilton was sent to jail in 2007 after violating her probation from a DUI charge. Originally sentenced to 45-days, she was released after 23-days for good behavior.

Did Paris get away with breaking the law? Was it a true misunderstanding?

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